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“New Directions in Veto Bargaining: Message Legislation, Virtue Signaling, and Electoral Accountability.” In SAGE Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science & International Relations, eds. Luigi Curini and Robert J. Franzese. London: SAGE. (2020). 224-243.

(With Charles Cameron)


“Does Money Buy Congressional Love? Individual Donors and Legislative Voting.” Congress & the Presidency 46(1) (2019): 1-27.

(With Brandice Canes-Wrone)

 “Developments in Congressional Responsiveness to Donor Opinion.” In Can America Govern Itself?, eds. Frances E. Lee and Nolan M. McCarty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (2019). 69-92.

(With Brandice Canes-Wrone)

Projects in Progress
(working papers available upon request)

“A Theory of Presidential Centralization and Politicization” (Dissertation chapter/working paper)

“The Politics of Presidential Centralization” (Dissertation chapter/working paper)

“The Politicization of Congressional Capacity” (Working paper with Ben Hammond and Leah Rosenstiel) 

“Centralization and Centralized Capacity” (Dissertation chapter/in progress)


“Congressional Capacity and Committee Oversight of the Executive Branch” (In progress, with Ben Hammond and Leah Rosenstiel) 

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